Financial Support

Those who lack the means to pay for registration or who cannot afford to travel to attend the conference may apply for financial support, which consists of (1) a registration fee waiver and/or (2) a travel grant of a maximum of $1000.

Travel grants will be extremely limited and only offered to those in the most financially precarious positions. Please only apply for a travel grant if there is no other way for you to attend the conference. Applicants must declare explicitly they will not be able to attend without financial support from some source external to their own institute. Please try to get funding from other sources whenever possible, and apply for the minimum amount that you would require to come to the conference (considering travel, hotel, and subsistence costs).

Travel grants are offered in two modalities, of which you can choose one. If you are unsure, we recommend modality A.

In modality A: Expense reimbursement paid after the conference. You will be provided a link to an ACM page for uploading your receipts for flight, hotel, ground transportation, meals, and you will be reimbursed for eligible expenses.

In modality B: Lump sum paid after the conference. You will be provided a link to an ACM page for indicating your mailing address, permanent address, and national tax ID number; you will be transferred the requested amount and this will be considered as taxable income that you will need to report to your national tax authority.

Applicants for financial support must justify their need in their application. Among applicants who justify their need for support, priority will be given to those actively contributing to the conference. Any attendee who needs a travel grant to attend the conference will be eligible. Required application materials:

  • In case of active participation at the conference:
    Acceptance e-mail from tutorials/CRAFT chairs (proposal ID)-or-
    Acceptance e-mail from program chairs (paper ID)-or-
    Acceptance e-mail from doctoral colloquium chairs -or-
    Application as a student volunteer (fee waiver only
  • Otherwise, statement of interest in attending the conference
  • Letter from advisor if enrolled in a graduate studies program, such as a master or doctorate
  • Justification of the need for financial support
  • Estimated cost of trip and requested amount divided in four groups (plane ticket, bus/train ticket, hotel, meals)
  • Declaration that the applicant will not be able to attend without financial support from some source external to their own institution

Possible outcomes are:

  • No support
  • Deferred decision
  • Registration fee waiver
  • Travel grant, or
  • Registration fee waiver and travel grant.

To apply for financial support, please fill out this form. If you are enrolled in a graduate program, please send your letters of support from your advisor and other relevant material to

Information for grantees

After receiving a travel grant, grantees will have to provide proof by e-mail to that they will attend the conference. This can be a flight/hotel reservation, a visa appointment or a visa, or similar materials. Not providing this proof will void the grant.

The travel grant cannot be advanced but is instead paid as a reimbursement or a lump sum after the conference takes place, as per ACM rules. Forms, instructions, and a contact e-mail address at ACM will be provided to all grantees.