How will my registration be verified?
Please bring your registration confirmation with you to the conference venue. If you are a student, please bring your current student ID confirming your affiliation.

My paper was accepted but I am unable to attend the conference. What should I do?
Please notify us at info@chilconference.org if you are unable to attend the conference for extenuating circumstances like visa denial or travel restrictions due to nCOVID-19. We will do our best to facilitate remote/recorded presentations.

I am a volunteer for ACM CHIL 2020. How will I be reimbursed?
Volunteers will be reimbursed registration costs only after the conference.

What constitutes Financial Support?
Those receiving financial support will be reimbursed registration costs only after the conference.

How do I figure out room-sharing options during the conference stay?
If you are looking for sharing accommodation please coordinate using the linked spreadsheet. Please note that all information in the spreadsheet is public and ACM CHIL 2020 organizers will not be monitoring/coordinating room-sharing between attendees or the linked spreadsheet.

I want to print my poster in Toronto. What are my options?
Please see Plan Your Trip page for options for poster printing.